OTC Newsletter – F.A.Qs

  • Who is the service for?

Anyone who is interested in the OTC world or enjoys topics outside of the ‘mainstream’. The most straightforward group is investors/micro-cap analysts but I believe that people coming from other places of finance can enjoy the content as much. One example could be lawyers focused on the financial sector as there is plenty of bankruptcy, restructuring and litigation opportunities in the OTC world.

  • Why OTC?

I believe that it is worthwhile to read the first installment of my bi-weekly series on SA and the mentioned story of Ethanex which provides a great example of what can be found in this corner of the ‘public’ markets. The more illiquid and more obscure companies people can find the more likely there is a significant investment opportunity.

  • What should I not expect?

A pump and dump newsletter promoting companies with dubious operations that rely heavily on future forecasts and pay me to write the articles. In my spare time, I am focused on short-orientated research thus I am confident that I can identify basic red flags that should prevent me from sharing anything that could be from this ‘notorious’ part of the OTC world.

  • How does the Slack platform look like?

Below you can see a sample screenshots of the platform where the content is housed and where you can interact with all the members.

  • Is the newsletter’s stock coverage exclusively focused on OTC stocks?  

Yes. For now, all highlighted stocks are trading OTC.

  • How does the subscription work?

You can purchase access here and once you finish the payment you will receive an invitation link for Slack a platform where all the content is currently housed and where members can engage with each other. If you ever want to unsubscribe you can do so through your account connected to the subscription. I am not providing refunds for the monthly fee, thus once you cancel your subscription you will still have access until the end of the billing cycle.

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